Package com.raelity.jvi.swing

Interface Summary
TextOps Stuff to work with editor panes.

Class Summary
CommandLine This class presents a editable combo box UI for picking up command entry data.
CommandLine.CommandLineEntry The CommandLine JPanel may be embedded in a Dialog or put on a glass pane; CommandLineEntry is some common handling particularly for the ViCmdEntry interface.
DefaultBuffer.UndoGroupManager UndoGroupManager is an UndoManager that allows explicit control of how UndoableEdits are coalesced into compound edits, rather than using the rules defined by the edits themselves.
DefaultViCaret This extension of DefaultCaret draws the caret in different ways as defined by the cursor property.
DefaultViFactory This provides the Vi items to interface with standard swing JEditorPane.
DefaultViFactory.EnqueCharAction This is the default key action.
DefaultViFactory.EnqueKeyAction Catch non-printing keys with this class.
KeyBindingBean Use this class to programatically enable/disable jVi catching particular control keys or to determine if a particular key is being caught.
KeypadBindingBean Use thsi class to programatically enable/disable jVi catching particular keypad keys, or to determine if a particular key is being caught.
OpsBase This provides default swings JEditorPane actions that are used by vi.
TextView Presents a swing editor interface for use with vi.
TextViewCache This class caches information about the various components that make up the VI model.
TextViewCache.FreezeViewport Stabilize (do not allow scrolling) the JViewport displaying the indicated JEditorPane.
ViCaretDelegate This handles the VI behavior of a caret, drawing the caret is the big deal.
WindowCmdEntry This class provides a floating CommandLine entry widget.