Class CommandLine

  extended by java.awt.Component
      extended by java.awt.Container
          extended by javax.swing.JComponent
              extended by javax.swing.JPanel
                  extended by com.raelity.jvi.swing.CommandLine
All Implemented Interfaces:
ImageObserver, MenuContainer, Serializable, Accessible

public class CommandLine
extends JPanel

This class presents a editable combo box UI for picking up command entry data. A mode, usually a single character like "?" or ":", can be set for display. This UI supports the maintenance of a history of commands. This component builds a keymap through which the action events are delivered. When an event is delivered, the history list is updated. The command line has a label that can be set with setMode(java.lang.String).

Take steps to prevent this component from taking focus throught the focus manager. But ultimately need to subclass the editor component to handle it.

See Also:
Serialized Form

Nested Class Summary
static class CommandLine.CommandLineEntry
          The CommandLine JPanel may be embedded in a Dialog or put on a glass pane; CommandLineEntry is some common handling particularly for the ViCmdEntry interface.
static class CommandLine.FilteredKeymap
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Component.AccessibleAWTComponent, Component.BltBufferStrategy, Component.FlipBufferStrategy
Field Summary
static KeyStroke EXECUTE_KEY
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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void addActionListener(ActionListener l)
          Adds the specified action listener to receive action events from this textfield.
 void append(char c)
          This is used to append characters to the the combo box.
 void clear()
          This is used when the combo box is going to be displayed.
protected  Action createSimpleEvent(String name)
protected  void fireActionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
          Take the argument event and create an action event copy with this as its source.
protected  Action[] getActions()
protected  JTextComponent.KeyBinding[] getBindings()
 String getCommand()
          Retrieve the contents of the command line.
 int getHistorySize()
          the max size of the history list
 List getList()
          retrieve the history list.
 String getMode()
 void init(String s)
          This is used to initialize the text of the combo box, needed so that characters entered before the combo box gets focus are not lost.
 void removeActionListener(ActionListener l)
          Removes the specified action listener so that it no longer receives action events from this textfield.
 void setHistorySize(int newHistorySize)
          Use this to limit the size of the history list
 void setList(List<String> newList)
          This installs the history list.
 void setMode(String newMode)
          This sets the mode of the command line, e.g.
 void setupBorder()
 void takeFocus(boolean flag)
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Field Detail


public static final int DEFAULT_HISTORY_SIZE
See Also:
Constant Field Values


public static final KeyStroke EXECUTE_KEY
Constructor Detail


public CommandLine()
Method Detail


public void init(String s)
This is used to initialize the text of the combo box, needed so that characters entered before the combo box gets focus are not lost.


public void append(char c)
This is used to append characters to the the combo box. It is needed so that characters entered before the combo box gets focus are not lost. If there is a selection, then clear the selection. Do this because typically typed chararacters replace the selection.


public void setupBorder()


public void clear()
This is used when the combo box is going to be displayed. A blank line is put at the head of the list. This blank is automatically removed when the user completes the action.


public void takeFocus(boolean flag)


public String getCommand()
Retrieve the contents of the command line. This is typically done in response to a action event.


public void setMode(String newMode)
This sets the mode of the command line, e.g. ":" or "?".


public String getMode()


public void setList(List<String> newList)
This installs the history list. This allows multiple history lists to share the same component.


public List getList()
retrieve the history list.


public void setHistorySize(int newHistorySize)
Use this to limit the size of the history list


public int getHistorySize()
the max size of the history list


protected Action createSimpleEvent(String name)


protected JTextComponent.KeyBinding[] getBindings()


protected Action[] getActions()


protected void fireActionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
Take the argument event and create an action event copy with this as its source. Then deliver it as needed. Do some maintenance on the LRU history.


public void addActionListener(ActionListener l)
Adds the specified action listener to receive action events from this textfield.

l - the action listener


public void removeActionListener(ActionListener l)
Removes the specified action listener so that it no longer receives action events from this textfield.

l - the action listener