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Packages that use ViTextView
com.raelity.jvi This is the main package of the jVi editor; it contains the primary editing engine. 

Uses of ViTextView in com.raelity.jvi

Fields in com.raelity.jvi declared as ViTextView
static ViTextView G.curwin

Methods in com.raelity.jvi that return ViTextView
static ViTextView ViManager.getAlternateTextView(ViTextView tv, Buffer buf)
          get any text view, other than tv, which has buf KLUDGE HACK
static ViTextView ViManager.getCurrentTextView()
 ViTextView ViFactory.getExistingViTextView(Object editorPane)
 ViTextView ColonCommands.ColonEvent.getViTextView()
 ViTextView ViFactory.getViTextView(JEditorPane editorPane)
          Return a TextView, create one if it doesn't already exist
static ViTextView ViManager.getViTextView(JEditorPane editorPane)

Methods in com.raelity.jvi that return types with arguments of type ViTextView
 Set<ViTextView> ViFactory.getViTextViewSet()

Methods in com.raelity.jvi with parameters of type ViTextView
 void ViCmdEntry.activate(String mode, ViTextView parent)
          Start command entry.
 void ViCmdEntry.activate(String mode, ViTextView parent, String initialText, boolean passThru)
          Start command entry.
 void Buffer.activateOptions(ViTextView tv)
          from switchto
 void ViOptionBag.activateOptions(ViTextView tv)
          This is invoked when switchto bag's associated editor.
static boolean Edit.canEdit(ViTextView tv, ViBuffer buf, int offset)
static void ViManager.caretUpdate(ViTextView tv, int lastDot, int dot, int mark)
static ViOutputStream ViManager.createOutputStream(ViTextView tv, Object type, Object info)
 ViOutputStream ViFactory.createOutputStream(ViTextView tv, Object type, Object info, int priority)
          create an output stream for some kind of results.
static ViOutputStream ViManager.createOutputStream(ViTextView tv, Object type, Object info, int priority)
 void Buffer.displayFileInfo(ViTextView tv)
 void ViBuffer.displayFileInfo(ViTextView tv)
 void DefaultViFS.edit(ViTextView tv, int n, boolean force)
 void ViFS.edit(ViTextView tv, int n, boolean force)
          Edit the nth file.
 void ViFactory.finishTagPush(ViTextView tv)
static ViTextView ViManager.getAlternateTextView(ViTextView tv, Buffer buf)
          get any text view, other than tv, which has buf KLUDGE HACK
static void Misc.getvcol(ViTextView tv, ViFPOS fpos, MutableInt start, MutableInt cursor, MutableInt end)
          Get virtual column number of pos.
 int[] Buffer.getVisualSelectBlocks(ViTextView tv, int startOffset, int endOffset)
 int[] ViBuffer.getVisualSelectBlocks(ViTextView tv, int startOffset, int endOffset)
 boolean ViFactory.isVisible(ViTextView tv)
protected  void FPOS.setCursor(ViTextView tv)
          use the current caret location to set the offset,line,col
static void ViManager.startCommandEntry(ViCmdEntry commandEntry, String mode, ViTextView tv, StringBuffer initialString)
          Pass control to indicated ViCmdEntry widget.
 void ViFactory.startTagPush(ViTextView tv, String ident)
static void Normal.v_updateVisualState(ViTextView tv)
static void ViManager.viewMoveChange(ViTextView textView)
          The viewport has changed or scrolled, clear messages
static void ViManager.viewSizeChange(ViTextView textView)
          The viewport has changed, so number of screen lines have changed
 void Buffer.viOptionSet(ViTextView tv, String name)
 void ViOptionBag.viOptionSet(ViTextView tv, String name)
          The set command used to change an option
 void DefaultViFS.write(ViTextView tv, boolean force)
 void ViFS.write(ViTextView tv, boolean force)
          Write the specified "file object".
 void DefaultViFS.write(ViTextView tv, File file, boolean force)
 void ViFS.write(ViTextView tv, File file, boolean force)
          Write the specified text to the specified file.

Constructors in com.raelity.jvi with parameters of type ViTextView
Buffer(ViTextView tv)
          Creates a new instance of Buffer, initialize values from Options.
Window(ViTextView editor)

Uses of ViTextView in com.raelity.jvi.swing

Classes in com.raelity.jvi.swing that implement ViTextView
 class TextView
          Presents a swing editor interface for use with vi.

Fields in com.raelity.jvi.swing declared as ViTextView
protected  ViTextView OpsBase.textView
protected  ViTextView

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing that return ViTextView
protected  ViTextView DefaultViFactory.createViTextView(JEditorPane editorPane)
          subclass probably wants to override this
 ViTextView DefaultViFactory.getExistingViTextView(Object editorPane)
 ViTextView DefaultViFactory.getViTextView(JEditorPane editorPane)

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing that return types with arguments of type ViTextView
 Set<ViTextView> DefaultViFactory.getViTextViewSet()

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing with parameters of type ViTextView
 void CommandLine.CommandLineEntry.activate(String mode, ViTextView parent)
          ViCmdEntry interface
 void CommandLine.CommandLineEntry.activate(String mode, ViTextView tv, String initialText, boolean passThru)
          Start taking input.
 void TextView.activateOptions(ViTextView tv)
protected  Buffer DefaultViFactory.createBuffer(ViTextView tv)
          subclass probably wants to override this
 ViOutputStream DefaultViFactory.createOutputStream(ViTextView tv, Object type, Object info, int priority)
 void DefaultViFactory.finishTagPush(ViTextView tv)
 boolean DefaultViFactory.isVisible(ViTextView tv)
 void DefaultViFactory.startTagPush(ViTextView tv, String ident)
 void TextView.viOptionSet(ViTextView tv, String name)

Constructors in com.raelity.jvi.swing with parameters of type ViTextView
DefaultBuffer(ViTextView tv)
DefaultOutputStream(ViTextView tv, String type, String info)
OpsBase(ViTextView textView)
          Creates a new instance of OpsBase