Uses of Interface

Packages that use ViMark
com.raelity.jvi This is the main package of the jVi editor; it contains the primary editing engine. 

Uses of ViMark in com.raelity.jvi

Fields in com.raelity.jvi declared as ViMark
 ViMark Buffer.b_op_end
 ViMark Buffer.b_op_start
 ViMark Buffer.b_visual_end
 ViMark Buffer.b_visual_start

Methods in com.raelity.jvi that return ViMark
 ViMark ViBuffer.createMark()
          NEEDSWORK: createMark: attached to this text view, should be in ViBuffer
 ViMark Buffer.getMark(int i)
 ViMark ViBuffer.getMark(int i)
          Fetch the lower case mark.
 ViMark ViTextView.getMark(int i)
 ViMark Window.getMark(int i)
 ViMark ViTextView.getPCMark()
 ViMark Window.getPCMark()
 ViMark ViTextView.getPrevPCMark()
 ViMark Window.getPrevPCMark()

Methods in com.raelity.jvi with parameters of type ViMark
 void ViMark.setData(ViMark mark)
          Set a mark's data to be the same as the argument mark
 void ViBuffer.setMarkOffset(ViMark mark, int offset, boolean global_mark)
          Deprecated. use setMarkPos

Uses of ViMark in com.raelity.jvi.swing

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing that return ViMark
 ViMark DefaultBuffer.createMark()
 ViMark TextView.getMark(int i)
 ViMark TextView.getPCMark()
 ViMark TextView.getPrevPCMark()

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing with parameters of type ViMark
 void DefaultBuffer.setMarkOffset(ViMark mark_arg, int offset, boolean global_mark)