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Packages that use BooleanOption
com.raelity.jvi This is the main package of the jVi editor; it contains the primary editing engine. 

Uses of BooleanOption in com.raelity.jvi

Fields in com.raelity.jvi declared as BooleanOption
static BooleanOption G.dbgCoordSkip
static BooleanOption G.dbgEditorActivation
static BooleanOption G.dbgKeyStrokes
static BooleanOption G.isClassicUndo
static BooleanOption G.isCoordSkip
protected  BooleanOption BooleanOption.Validator.opt
static BooleanOption G.p_hls
static BooleanOption G.p_ic
static BooleanOption G.p_is
static BooleanOption G.p_meta_equals
static BooleanOption G.p_ml
static BooleanOption G.p_pbm
static BooleanOption G.p_sc
static BooleanOption G.p_smd
static BooleanOption G.p_ssl
static BooleanOption G.readOnlyHack
static BooleanOption G.useFrame

Methods in com.raelity.jvi that return BooleanOption
static BooleanOption Options.createBooleanOption(String name, boolean defaultValue)

Uses of BooleanOption in com.raelity.jvi.swing

Fields in com.raelity.jvi.swing declared as BooleanOption
static BooleanOption DefaultBuffer.cacheTrace
static BooleanOption TextViewCache.cacheTrace