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Welcome to the jVi home page. Currently this page has some random thoughts/comments, serve as the user documentation and get you
to DOWNLOAD jVi for NetBeans and jVi for JBuilder download info. There is news and information about the different applications in which jVi is integrated.

jVi is a port of a major chunk of vim to java. It is not like many IDE keybindings where, for example, I often hear stuff like "its similar to emacs but not the same". jVi is the same, try visual mode or map commands or :.,$s/([^ ]*) (.*$)/\2 \1/ (you can set options so you don't need to escape '(' and other metacharacters in regular expressions) or "*2d3w which deletes 6 words stashing them in the system clipboard or y% or ... And, yes, "." works. There is stuff missing, but if what's there doesn't work like vi/vim then its a bug (or a feature).

Lots of features in one picture

And jVi has features not found in vim.

After a 5 year hiatus from Java, there's some personal projects I want to Built for NetBeans work on, 3D visualization of Sacred Geometry is one of them and there may be some RCP. I wanted to use an open source IDE, not JBuilder, and that means another port of jVi. I looked at Eclipse, but the burden of SWT was more than I would bear. Looking through some NetBeans mail archives I was led to some work that Rich Unger did a few years ago to integrate jVi into NetBeans; many thanks Rich. He said he put it together in an evening; it was a good proof of concept, there was vi behavior in the editor, but it was unusable for work. But that starting point saved me countless hours. And now, with an editor I want to use, I can start learning about NetBeans and get my personal projects going.

Check out jVi in NetBeans and bugs and feature requests. Share your opinions and comments at the jVi Open Discussion Forum; if you use jVi, consider monitoring this Forum.

jVi is available for recent JBuilder releases, thanks to the efforts of scribe777. There's jVi in JBuilder documentation, including known defects.

There's jVi javadoc.

Get jVi - vi editor clone at SourceForge.net.
       Fast, secure and Free Open Source software downloads jVi is hosted on on SourceForge and makes use of only some of the facilities. This includes hosting this web site, the CVS source repository, bug tracking and mailing lists.

Why jVi?

jVi is motivated by my frustration with the editors provided by desktop apps, from mail readers to IDE's.  The advent of java based desktop apps, and the ability to extend them, makes it possible to put together a vi which easily integrates into multiple disparate apps. A goal, over time, is to make jVi fully functional with good performance. However i believe there will always be performance limitations with jVi and expect to continue using "native" editors for heavy duty tasks.

jVi is patterned after vim. Vim Logo Vim is freely available charityware and running on a large number of platforms, including for instance amiga and mac. Check out the site for general vi pointers and documentation. jVi is a small subset of vim. Some source code in jVi is taken from vim and modified to work in the java environment. The user documentation is almost exclusively from vim, only modified to remove things that are not applicable.


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License Information

The source code for jVi is licensed under the MOZILLA PUBLIC LICENSE.

See The Open Source Page and Open Source Page's Approved Licenses for more information on Open Source licensing.

jVi for JBuilder Download

Enable Vi in JBuilder.
After installing the jar into JB's lib/ext directory, restart JBuilder. On JBuilder's menu line, select "Tools|IDE Options". Select the "Browser" tab. The "Keymap:" combo box should allow you to select "VI". Also there is a "VI..." tab for some options and there are also some vi options in the "Editor" tab.

jVi versions for JBuilder 2005, 2006 from a jVi user (Thanks to scribe777)

Version 0.7.1
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