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Packages that use MutableInt
com.raelity.jvi This is the main package of the jVi editor; it contains the primary editing engine. 

Uses of MutableInt in com.raelity.jvi

Methods in com.raelity.jvi with parameters of type MutableInt
protected  int[] Buffer.addBlock(MutableInt idx, int[] blocks, int start, int end)
 int MutableInt.compareTo(MutableInt o)
 void ViTextView.computeCursorPosition(MutableInt offset, MutableInt line, MutableInt column)
          Determine cursor position, all args get set (call by reference).
static void Misc.getvcol(Buffer buf, ViFPOS fpos, MutableInt start, MutableInt cursor, MutableInt end)
static void Misc.getvcol(ViTextView tv, ViFPOS fpos, MutableInt start, MutableInt cursor, MutableInt end)
          Get virtual column number of pos.

Uses of MutableInt in com.raelity.jvi.swing

Methods in com.raelity.jvi.swing with parameters of type MutableInt
 void TextView.computeCursorPosition(int offset, MutableInt line, MutableInt column)
 void TextView.computeCursorPosition(MutableInt offset, MutableInt line, MutableInt column)