Test Infrastructure
  - What's needed is a Document in a JEditorPane. With that and the current
    stuffBuf like behavior, should be easy to write tests.
  - Define best way to set up input/expect data.

Document Locking
  - Take a read lock during pumpChar
  - Upgrade to write lock when modifying (probably automatic in swing document)
  - May have special situations where want to manually upgrade to write lock.

  - set REUSE flag for tagstack stuff ^] & ^t .
  - When create/open textView sync up with shares as needed;
    See syncTextViewInstances and its comment for more info.
  - Use jVi bindings for commit dialog test area
    See org.netbeans.modules.mercurial.ui.commit.CommitPanel;
    It uses JTextArea's setWrapStyleWord and setColumns and setTab
    There's example in jVi standalone for doing wrap in JEditorPane.
  - PositionsBag vs OffsetsBag for HighlightsLayer. Currently both blockmode
    and search highlighters are OffsetsBag. Maybe search should be positions?
  - For ins_ctrl_g() do no_mappings dance.
  - NB undo and code completion issues, in progress
    Bug 150251 - Too high granularity of undo history
                 when undoing CC (Ctrl+Enter)
  - after [DOWN] vm.viewLine gets called 5 times.
  - test without freezer.
  - implement fdoclose=all
  - Work Misc.du_put to use an fpos rather than a cursor. And [do_]do_join.
  - Check all the spots that invoke Edit.beginline on the cursor.

  - See sourcforge...
  - getRecordedLine() and :command issues
    colon characters should come through typebuf? (see in cleanup below)
  - ^F/^B count
  - Handing of no_mapping/allow_keys.
    What does allow_keys really do?
    Edit handling of no_mapping/allow_keys.
  - g/foo/s/bar/baz
    Problem is that substitue is executed fully each time,
    would like devise a way to parse s command once for a given g.
    At a minimum, don't get the regexp again. (there's a regexp cache now)
  - Search issues; get it all up to vim7.
    Verify options SEARCH_FOLD,SEARCH_PEEK etc.
  - substitute command add more features
    - more of the s///flags
  - Create JUnit testing infrastructure. Create tests.
  - 0 ==> don't persist marks
  - in jVi-standalone, wrapped lines and TAB chars, eg. following one line
        asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdf asdfxxxxx{space..}
        aaa{tab}#sd asdf asdfhasdklfjh asdklfjhasdf asdfkljhasdf asd
        asdfasdf asdf asdf asdf
    If curson on '#' (2nd view line) after left/right motion, then gj/gk
    don't go to the correct column. How far off and where it goes is
    dependent on the number of {space} chars at the end of the first view
    line. The problem does not appear in NB.

NetBeans Embedding
  * If using non-modal command line, the command completion doesn't
    get keys. In particular up/down/CR.
  - {begin,end}undo issue and atomic lock stuff.
    stop using atomic lock for programmatic changes,
    to do this must automatically undo anything that was done
    that caused a problem.
    - example bug: create multi-line ^V block, do "Ix{ESC}". This requires
      two undo.
  - auto add a bunch of ^W bindings, for example ^Wc to close a window
    See play/fs-dobj for some examples.
    Some NB issues that need fixing:
        - Multikey shortcut doesn't override single key shortcut
          Adding multi-key shortcut via layer.xml doesn't remove single key
        - Shortcut missing in Options menu
          adding binding, eg Alt-U, in layer.xml doesn't show up in shortcuts
          display in options. (but shortcut as part of a new action does).
          And the action's generated layer.xml seems same
    Following is (may be) related:
        - Adding an multi-key binding doesn't remove single key binding.
          There a bug filed a while ago
  - C:\a\src\jvi-dev\nbvi\src\org\netbeans\modules\jvi\impl\NbOps.java:31:
    warning: [deprecation] org.netbeans.editor.BaseKit.DefaultKeyTypedAction
    in org.netbeans.editor.BaseKit has been deprecated
  * find out how to catch/bypass the dialog ESC handling, so that jVi
    operates more comfortably in a dialog.
    - It does work in some dialogs, for example "new watch" seems to
      have a keybinding for ESC, when jVi not active ESC dismisses that
  - ^W^W Eval Window requires click
  - diff window
    - ^W^E for diff window requires click
    - :q in diff window

NetBeans Platform Bugs
  - editor focus lost after next diff action changes file
  - can't see cursor in left side diff
  - in NB's diff window, delete-a-diff (make two side the same) and the next
    diff is offscreen. Hit the "next-diff" button, and a diff is skipped.
  - See umbrella bug for jVi in NetBeans
    Bug 179047 - jVi integration

  - See sourcforge...
  - usage of shell variable in "external process" commands
  - options sidescroll, sidescrolloff
  - :brwose {command} for 'e', 'w'...
  - {sf} Add autocmd, at least a simple form of it.
  - Have an option(s) for multiline matching. E.g. handle \n in pattern
    and allow '.' to match newline.
    Create CharSequence that wraps multiple Segment, then can use Segment's
    partial return and scan whole file without gap content copying.
  - {sf} Support the vim search offset, also the "/test 1/;/test" stuff.
    Recent do_search/searchit rewrite better positioned for multi search stuff
  - :nomads, :winnr
  - There is now an internal findmatch which does a pretty good job with '%';
    it is either/or. Allow a fallback from platform to internal? For example
    for the '#'.
  - {sf} middle mouse button insert
  - :browse
  - persist jumplist
  - Handle tag file
      - tag generation in java
        - http://www.ars.net/jtags/
  - Standalone:
    - indent: integrate jindent or somesuch (or port vim)
  - for filter commands use a temp file
  - Use Character class for iswhitespace...

NetBeans Feature
  - rework status window issues.
    - when scroll clears status, give a few seconds; currently status line
      persists through several scrolls.
    - Could use a long timer, for example after 1st scroll, rewrite message
      with a timer.
    - clear message when change mode, for example, "^Gixxxx[ESC]"
  - Have option for jVi shortcuts, several ^W at least.
    See options.keymap: KeymapManager, KeymapModel, LayersBridge
    and editor.macros: MacroShortcutsInjector and MacrosKeymapManager.
    There's Utilities.keyToString,stringToKey
    Note: jvi has been made a friend in options.keymap
  - global shortcut key to attach/install jVi to any text component,
    in particular JTextArea for commit messages
        See [platform-dev] Re: Magic global accessibility keys
        in mail folder: Developement/NetBeans/Wiki
        [Action.this.]putProperty("OpenIDE-Transmodal-Action", true);
  * brace matching interface should give access to offsets
    see the '%' code in Normal
  - NB ":tog" has problems with debug... get it to interoperate with sliders.
  * Simplify adding ":" random colon commands.
    Require an escape key for these commands so jVi not poluted?
    Clean up module/package exports, make NB "fried" of jVi?

  - incomplete port of ^t, ^d in input mode
      - '^'^d (remove all indent) isn't supported
      - if cursor is before first non-blank, it is left at the
        first non-blank. Position within indent should be maintained.
      - Replace stack is ignored
      - 'start of insert' should be repositioned, its left alone.
  - Extend jVi jumplist (^O, ^I) implementation to work between files.
    This seems almost impossible, jump list is per window and jVi
    has a 1-1 on window-file; can not swap contents of window.

  - Parse jVi docs for html, javahelp, per topic help. Per topic used for
    popup as NetBeans' doc popup; in NB have ":he x" list all matching *x*.
  - include notes, Murry doc
  - Add {jVi Xxx category} to vimhelp for options.
  - Add {works with :set} to vimhelp for options.
    Also vimhelp list of what works with :set.
    (may become moot if all things work with set)
  - Review javadocs
    - Role of AppView as Registry
    - Registering colon commands

Ctrl-W commands
  - implement more windows options
    eadirection, winfixheight,...
  - win_split, win_move
    more complete implementation that doesn't depend on reflection
    - See Bug 198657 - APIs to work with Modes
                       (implement jVi window split/move/... commands)
  - win_move has problems, nb issues
  - study core.windows in detail
      - look interesting
        - from WindowDnDManager.performDrop
          also from performDrop:
        WindowDnDManager.dragStarting # EditorView impl a TopComponentDroppable

          In performDrop, when moving ed to a different mode,
            droppable is a DefaultSplitContainer$ModePanel
            and the ViewElement seems to be the ed after which to put dragged ed

                if(viewElement instanceof EditorView)  IS FALSE
          so enter,
                } else if(viewElement instanceof ModeView) {
          and does
                        tcArray, ((Integer)constr).intValue());
          which ends up in Central.userDroppedTopComponents(...
                            moveTopComponentsIntoMode(mode, tcs, index));

  - handle_redo and mappings interactions
    the pump loop should probably incorporate redo issues
  - put mapping error msg into output window
  - map command to generate map-cmds for current mappings
    A button, Current, in the mappings dialog, 
  - ^V issues, should prevent mapping
  - add p_mmd option (currently hardcoded)
  - keybinding for *everything* possible and a big default mapping.
    F-keys, keypad. Include multiple modifiers at once.  Ctrl,Shft,Alt,Meta
    - when specify a mapping for a key, and key is not "caught"
      ask if the key(s) should be caught.
      - NOTE: if auto-catch, then in :map list output make it clear which
              keybindings have been taken away.

  - map {lhs} <Nop>
  - allow space chars in right hand side?
  - accept '\' escapes
    maybe part of globally handling escapes

  - vim's :options command (brings up dialog)
  - Have "DEFAULT" button for all options/properties
  - Make the G.xxx globals private types; when opt.setValue reflect the
    new value into the primitive.
    then change all references to G.xxx to xxx() (note use static import)
    and the primitive xxx can be private, so it would be impossible to modify
    it except by modifying the Option or through a set command.
    - :set command should not change the Option, but should ask the option
      to reflect the value. Might want a dialog of global options that are 
      different in memory, and allow you to selectively persist some of them.
  - Option validate as part of save (or something like that).
    Issue really comes up with map-cmd, want to convert the string option
    into a data structure. The data structure is mostly built by the
    validate process.
    - the Option could have a validateSet combo method which invokes the
      validator (which can stash something into the option), then poll for
      veto's, then finish, maybe using the stash. Might simply want to get
      hold of the stash in a pref-change listener.
    - may want to associate a method/action assoc with the option.
      this might be an alternative to this discussion or in addition to.
      Currently need to use pref listener.
  - Tool tips in property dialog

  - fpos.getMark()? fpos.verify() throw special exception.
  - make TextView.w_cursor a simple fpos,
    do an "update" when exitting key event
    NOTE: this may not be viable, maybe could be made to work if
    doc change and cursor move events invalidate it
  - Consider getting rid of 
        Misc.xlateViKey(ViManager.getInsertModeKeymap(), c, G.getModMask())
    would just handle ^T (or whatever) in the redobuf? Other issues?
    ^< and ^> might be a problem.
  - abstractFS - getAppView by #, - getDisplay.... WHAT TO DO WITH THEM
  - test numbered marks
  - command entry to
      - bypass widget completely when possible
      - handle all input and manipulate combo box directly
  - Misc.do_put still needs some work.
  - Reduce public methods
    - in ViMan there's all the mouse stuff is public. Create a class which
      bounces to them and give it to Caret impl, then they can be private.
    - ViFactory is a candidate for a Factory implementation that acts as
      a base class with protected things like access to curwin.
    - Further hide things in "G"; some of the methods expose too much, G.curwin()
  - to GetChar::docRemove pass object that knows how to get/work with the
    removed text rather than getting the removed text directly, then don't
    have to construct the removed text if not needed.
  - at end of do_pend... when save current vis area do vi_curswant
  - use CountDownLatch for commandLine/glass wait
  - change curswant to also track x position
    Probably need methods either take char pos or "X" float.
    This is a MUST for multi-width fonts.
  - jViFeature handling. Make more things features. Separate file/class?
  - in ViTextView there is replaceString,deleteChar,insertText
    should be in Buffer
  - Explicitly activate options on buffer/textview creation?
    The "firstgo" seems hokey.

- The biggest performance hit is from swing's document change operations.

  This is clearly seen with the block mode operation profiling. For these,
  I think the change text lines could be constructed in a separate string and
  swapped in en masse. The trick is to preserve the marks.

  This same technique could work with '>>' and '<<'.
- lazy creation of colon commands (probably not a big issue)

Blue Sky

  - Multithread
      - Do long running ops in separate thread
      - Have the main jViThread not be the EventThread.
      - event thread used to queue keyboard input for use by jVi thread.
        jVi thread can then do "getc" where/when it wants to.
        ^C can have better effect.
      - implement ^C (when there's separate thread for long running things....)
  - Commands that take a program, e.g. '!', '=', have some way to hook
    them to other loaded classes.
  - implement and extend EditorPane, Document and AbstractDocument.Content 
    tuned for vi. Make sure to always be able to go native.
    . do getChar from cache'd segment?
  - Implement a virtual cursor (use WCursor as a virtual cursor) so that
    cursor movement and/or searching can occur without queuing up redraw.
    Then have an update method.
  - how to display control characters. Could extend view somehow and graphically
    fix them up. NB is going to implement something.

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