Some differences between jVi and Vim

Applicable vim documentation is provided. Most things that do not apply have
been removed from this documentation. It still needs further cleanup, but it
does provide a good description of implemented commands and operation.

Check the file NORMAL_COMMANDS for a complete list of vim normal mode
commands. Each command is marked as "works", "not yet" or "not planned".  Over
100 normal mode commands are implemented.

Not all ":" commands are implemented.

Keep in mind that much behavior, e.g. folds and indentation, are implemented
by the platform and that jVi hooks into this behavior. Thus in several areas
the platform and its options control how things work.

A mouse click will stop insert mode. Otherwise the mouse does not participate
in commands. Java selections, for example text highlighted with a mouse drag,
are usually not used directly; except in the following instances.
If there is a java selection, enter either v, V or ^V to convert to
visual mode selection. With a visual mode selection, enter ^G to
convert it to a java selection. There is a Key Mapping mode 'p' which apply
when there is a PLATFORM SELECT active.

The vim 'cpoptions' "u" (for vi compatible single level undo) is not
supported. The u (undo) and Ctlr-R (redo) are always multi-level.

Not all of vim's extensions to the "z" command are implemented.

There is more...

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